Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney simply means that you are granting the right to somebody (your agent) to perform certain task(s) on your behalf and/or make certain decisions.

Are There Different  Types Of Power Of Attorney?

The power you grant  may be special, limited, durable and general. For example, a durable financial power of attorney is an  important document that grants your agent access to your financial accounts should you become disable or in case of death. Without this document your accounts may be locked after the probate process is completed.

For example, a special power of attorney can be given by parent(s) to a caregiver, while parents are absent. These type of power of attorneys are very popular and highly recommendable  when parents and minor children need to spend time apart.

How Can I Help You With Your Power of Attorney?

I prepare your power of attorney for a low flat fee, including the free notary. We can  meet at my office and your forms will be completed and notarized during the same appointment.

While we are together, I will answer any questions that you may have. If case that you cannot leave your home or hospital, or for any other reasons when you need a mobile services, I will be happy to come to you.

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