Get Rid Of Your Anger Now

Unresolved anger is # 1 enemy of love. The root cause of this anger is usually in childhood or within our formative age and it has not been addressed until adulthood. The angry person simply shuts down and does not allow to be loved or to love. That person will distance himself/herself while in denial. … Continue reading Get Rid Of Your Anger Now

Pulling Your Life Together

Recently I met with a lovely couple to help them with their estate planning. As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to provide a personalized attention to all my clients and help them make good decision, by developing their self assurance and confidence level. I hear their stories and like to learn about their lives. … Continue reading Pulling Your Life Together

Why Do I Brag About Self – Love

The essence of being happy and having a fulfilled life is loving your own self. Trust yourself that you can do it and you will do it. Feeling the anxiety up to some level when we are about to embrace a change, take a new job, start a new relationship or move some place else are … Continue reading Why Do I Brag About Self – Love

Stonewalling In Relatinships

Has your relationshiop experienced stonewalling and how are you affected?  Stonewalling is absolute refusal to consider your partner’s perspective. If you listen at all, you do it dismissively or contemptuously. According to Gottman's Institute, a stonewalling in a strong predictor of a marriage or a relationship break up in over 90% of the cases. While predictors … Continue reading Stonewalling In Relatinships

When It Ends

Early in my career, soon after I started my business, I met a young couple who had decided to get divorced after seven years of marriage. They did not have children together. When is common to expect some tension, even past the denial phase between the husband and wife, I felt no such things with … Continue reading When It Ends

Keeping My Contact Information

Life is full of challenges. Everything can change in a split second and we are often surprised by urgent situations that came out of nowhere. How do we live to our fullest with life so organized that we are prepared to take any challenges and minimize the impact.Like having a good dentist and a good plumber, … Continue reading Keeping My Contact Information

My Role In Your Legal Proceedings

I enjoy working with all my clients and don't mind making myself available during the weekends, holidays or whenever I am needed. My business is what I love to do. my schedule is flexible, mobile and not limited to office hours. in other words, I am there for you when you need me. Legal proceedings … Continue reading My Role In Your Legal Proceedings