Trust And Relationships Mediation

“when you break trust, do not expect easy and fast recovery...” Have you heard of the saying – to truly love somebody you have to be able to trust that him or her first? Why Is Trust So Important In Any Relationship First of all, I can say without a doubt that the relationship without … Continue reading Trust And Relationships Mediation

A Thought Or Two As The Year Ends

Saluting to the year of challenges and blessings! By the end of 2017,  I lost my corporate job. I was clearly that in a difficult situation. My two children were still very dependent on me and in their most serious transition from the hight school to a life. My savings were deflated from previous investments. … Continue reading A Thought Or Two As The Year Ends

Finding My Inner Child

What really works when it comes to relationships, is to be with the person that continuously inspires you and sparks your soul. The rest of those things that you have on your list are called benefits. For those who are lucky, benefits come along with a soul connection. For those who settled for good benefits, … Continue reading Finding My Inner Child

Establishing Parenting in Arizona

Some of my clients have recently approached me with questions regarding parenting, signing birth certificates and establishing parenting rights. The article here is informational and not a legal advice. Father Establishing  Parenting Rights In Arizona:  He and the child's mother signed the child's birth certificate. He was married to the child's mother at any time … Continue reading Establishing Parenting in Arizona

Stages Of Grief Simplified

In this life, one time or another, we all grieve. We lost people, dreams, pets or hoefully not all the hope we had. While helping my clients, I tried to understand the phases of grief so that I can be better prepared to adjust our communication styles. Here are five stages of grief simplified: denial … Continue reading Stages Of Grief Simplified

She Is All Of That But

Studies find, as well as statistics show that no matter how much men say they want an equal partner, a woman who’s smart and independent often make men feel emasculated or inferior. How many times have you heard of a couple that jus split up, in which woman was stronger, more successful partner? Usually the … Continue reading She Is All Of That But

Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney simply means that you are granting the right to somebody (your agent) to perform certain task(s) on your behalf and/or make certain decisions. Are There Different  Types Of Power Of Attorney? The power you grant  may be special, limited, durable and general. For example, a durable financial power of attorney is an  important … Continue reading Power Of Attorney