Should You Stay Or Should You Go

Some people like to stay single. Others are looking for a companion and a long term relationship and many are just looking for fun. A zillion of dating applications can attest to that. Falling in love is easy. Staying single is easy. Staying in love - not so easy. Having a heathy relationship may take … Continue reading Should You Stay Or Should You Go

Trauma Bond Is Not Love

You might be suffering from a trauma bond if you exhibit the following behaviors: You know they are abusive and manipulative, but you can’t seem to let go. You ruminate over the incidents of abuse, engage in self-blame, and the abuser becomes the sole arbiter of your self-esteem and self-worth. You walk on eggshells trying … Continue reading Trauma Bond Is Not Love

Abusive Relationships

Have You Ever Been In Abusive Relationship? Many of my clients who are in a process of divorce have experienced or lived in an abusive relationship. Why does that happen to us? We live, we work, we fall in love. Often times, at the very beginning, we are so excited about being in love and … Continue reading Abusive Relationships

Spousal Maintenance – Alimony

You are facing a legal separation or a divorce. Suddenly, and after many years, you found yourself in a position to manage your own affairs completely separate from your household and without the source of income that your spouse was providing for the community. Apart from mora dilemma that is present in all divorce and … Continue reading Spousal Maintenance – Alimony

The Mindset Of Not Giving-Up

It takes many years of careful planing to achieve our goals. It also take a barely one single event to interrupt the cycle of careful planing and change everything that we worked for or hoped and dreamed about in all those years. So how does that happen? What just happened to me? Say for example, … Continue reading The Mindset Of Not Giving-Up

Self-Awarness And Unconditional Love

It occurred to me that the best things in life, the most trying thing in life and the most inspiring things in life are not the events for which we planned to happen. Awakening moments happen on it's own. And what if we got burned in the process? What is we had to face the … Continue reading Self-Awarness And Unconditional Love

When You Need Online Documents

Online Estate Planning and Legal Documents Offer It's not always about the money. Many of my clients do not wish to discuss their last wishes in person. They feel more comfortable having their estate plans completed in privacy of their home and with the minimal human interaction. Of course, they want to save money when … Continue reading When You Need Online Documents