About Me

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A Word from the Founder:

With my paralegal services, I provide assistance in many areas of law with specialization in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. I am certified by the  Supreme Court of Arizona. My business consulting experience comes from  a passion to assist many small business owners with their business start up plans, brand marketing and business formation.  I started my consulting services determined to  to help others achieve their dreams and goals in  2008 ,  with many satisfied customers and years of experience in working for Fortune 500 company. I am passionate both in my corporate role and as a business owner with highest dedication to all my clients to assist them the best way possible, with the service that they come to expect.

I studies liberal arts, general literature and journalism. I earned paralegal degree from American Institute for Paralegal Studies, Business Management degree from Harcourt Learning System. I am an avid traveler and my blog mostly talks about my travel adventures in many countries and places that I visited, both business and leisure. I enjoy poetry and art. I write short stories and poems.

Mission Statement:

My goal is  to empower the ordinary citizen who may be intimidated by legal system and many of law firms. Legal system is open to the public and each and every man or woman can use it for self representation. Knowledge is power. My intention is to provide the guidance and care for you and your case in such a way that it all starts to make sense and becomes easier to handle. Confidence is power. I want every client of mine to feel confident while pursuing their rights and standing for their case. I want every  small business owner to succeed in living  their dream through careful business planning  and brand marketing strategies.

I want every parent, every grandma and grandpa, partner, husband or wife and any other individual to feel competent and strong, knowing that their assets are protected by planing their estate.

If you are heavily indebted, not only that you deserve a new start, you have a right to the new start. Legal system provides the tools to help you start fresh.

Adversity is no longer in style. With my help, I can assist you and your opposing party to come to a mutual agreement during our meditation sessions.

Finally, if you are thinking about starting the business and have an abundanceĀ  of creative ideas, with my many years of corporate experience, I can help you start a company and let the genius in you flow, succeed and make money.

Memberships: Anthem Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Association Of Independent Paralegals (AAIP)

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Best compliment for my business is being re-hired by my clients. ~ Debbie

  2. Poet-lawyer makes for a great combination.

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