Time to Dress for Success

My job is flexible enough to allow me to work from home when I feel like it. That usually means I won’t have to get up ahead of time, take a shower, fix my hair, dress for success and jump into a heinous Phoenix traffic. I’ll sit in my pajama all day, sip my coffee and work on my projects without the interruptions that are inevitable in the office environment.  I love it! Such a time saver, avoiding the getting ready for work ritual and being able to concentrate on my  tasks only, without interacting with my great, but demanding team .  Work from home office days are especially helpful when I start to feel overwhelmed and exhausted from the office politics and a constant pressure of presenting a strong personal and professional brand.  It’s only human to take a little break from time to time.

As I scroll down through my e-mails, here comes the one from my VP that says in the subject field: “do you have about 15 minutes to connect at some point today?”  What does that mean in corporate America? My best guess is that it means my pajama day is over.  Time to dress for success!

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