(Via “Alternative Approach to Sexuality through Spirituality” – translated from Croatian)

My Dear Friend,

I came to realization that our only purpose is to love ourselves, our families, our life and God. When I tell that to myself I think for a moment: if I do not love myself, how can I love others? Acceptance is the most important. It’s wonderful when I can accept myself with all my faults and shortcomings and also accept myself with virtues and traits that adorn me.

I write this as I do not want to get away from you, but to make it clear to you that certain things in life helped me connect, primarily with myself, and then continue connecting with others.

I think that is the key to knowledge. The key that binds our drive that is absolutely necessary for any movement.

Again, we lack the positive energy. In fact, we lack a connection with our heart, with all the love that so many seek.

Yours Truly,


Published by debmarinovic

I provide assistance in many areas of law with specialization in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. I am certified by the Supreme Court of Arizona. My experience includes corporate career with Fortune 500 Company, American Express and Best Western International. I am a writer, nature and animals’ lover and positive thinker. I write just about everything that touched my heart and mind! I enjoy traveling. I like to learn about the people and what makes us become who we are.

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