Financial Crisis – Don’t let it get to you.

While the apparent financial crisis is impacting many families, there are mechanisms to cope with the crisis and preserve your sanity. In last few years, I have seen many couples with young children moving from one rental to another, families with crippled income and people on unemployment, stretching it as long as possible as it appears to be aligned to what they could get paid if they were working. Credit card debts for many have maxed out to the point that they can no longer own one. The way I deal with this crisis it to turn to what I like the most. I start making friends and pay more attention to the small things that we forget exist in everyday lives, or chasing our successes. Love and smile more often. Hug instead of hand shake and look forward to the new surprises that always come. The road to financial freedom may be long, but it does not have to be that difficult.

Published by debmarinovic

I provide assistance in many areas of law with specialization in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. I am certified by the Supreme Court of Arizona. My experience includes corporate career with Fortune 500 Company, American Express and Best Western International. I am a writer, nature and animals’ lover and positive thinker. I write just about everything that touched my heart and mind! I enjoy traveling. I like to learn about the people and what makes us become who we are.

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