How Can I Help You

My main goal is to make my clients comfortable when using my services. I promised myself not to become a typical document preparer. Your business is personal to me, because it is important to you. This is why I have a flexible work hours and work arrangements. Times of cubicles and one office location are long gone.

My office is now mobile. I moved my office to virtual environment, not to just save money, but to also make it easier to accommodate various needs that my clients may have. Some of my clients are handicapped and cannot leave home. Others would have a long commute. Lastly, many prefer a different setting that the office building.

So, why not have a coffee or a bite of food while we are taking care of the business?

  • I can meet you at the court building to help you with the self-services form that you need for your case
  • I can come to your residence if you are unable to leave home
  • We can meet at the library
  • We can meet at Anthem Civic Building (my main work location)
  • We can meet at any Starbucks
  • We can get together at any work co-op

What Is Breach Of Contract?

Breach of contract is a legal cause of action and a type of civil wrong, in which a binding agreement or bargained-for exchange is not honored by one or more of the parties to the contract by non-performance or interference with the other party’s performance.

We live in real world, not a perfect world. No matter what we do, not all sides will always be pleased with the outcome. In both personal and business world unexpected happens. Did both party performed as agreed? I can help you create a personal agreement, pre-naps, non-compete agreement, business contract, bills of sale and many more…

“How To” Live Tutorial

If all you need is to find the court procedure applicable to your legal situation, I can help you save time, money and frustration of searching for the right document. Pre-populated internet forms opened up the access to the legal system, but also created major confusion. Your business and personal matter cannot afford confusion. With a simple web-conference I offer inexpensive “how to” tutorial customized to your own situation. Once we walk through the necessary steps and I show you where to locate the material you need, including  the process of filing and proceeding with your case, you will feel strong about taking your legal matter into your hands. Even if you decided that you still need an attorney or the document preparer, you will become empowered by the knowledge in this important matter of your concern.

The Land Of Legal Papers

It’s easy to get lost in the land of legal papers, court rules and procedures. My promise to you as my client is that I will help guide you through the process in simple steps. I can tell you and prepare instructions for your specific situation that will lead you from start to finish. We can meet face to face or conduct a web conference call. I provide training to you on how to prepare your legal documents. Because I take my business personally, I take my clients personally and deeply care that they receive what they come to achieve in the first place. I will objectively access your situation and share my feedback to help you understand your options. Your life is what matters. You don’t need to struggle stuck in the legal system trying to understand it on your own, or by searching the internet. I combine many years of experience with research to help you with your needs. With several helpful tips from me, you can get your papers done that will bring you closer to your goals.

Note: Meet with me for 1 hour session – $100 per meeting


You may just need legal information to help you understand what your options are and what is asked of you. Although I will not provide a legal advice, I can clarify the information based on which you can either consult with the attorney or become able to decide on your own.

Revocable Living Trust

Living Trust is the document used to place your personal assets in Trust, a contract form that transfers the assets from you to another upon meeting the decided terms by you. It is primarily used for real estate and valuables, such as precious stones, art collections, or any other items that you would like to avoid probate and transfer immediately to your beneficiary (ies). The other value of creating a Living Trust is the privacy of your assets as they are automatically transferred into trust. Trust does not need to be recorded. The most popular form is Revocable Trust that can be changed at any time, if your situation changes. Once the Trustor (the owner of the trust) is deceased, trust becomes irrevocable, unless there is a provision to transfer the power of Trustor to a spouse. This type of trust is also known as Family Trust.

I prepare your Living Trust for $250 that includes providing all the information you need, research is needed and notary signature. You will receive one original document in paper form and electronic form. Should you need more that one original document, the additional fee for each is $5.

Do You Need a Contract in Writing and Why?

Fair contracts protect both parties involved: those providing a service, goods or property, and those paying for what are offered. Contracts set out legally binding conditions that the parties must adhere to or face legal action. You can protect yourself if you know how to write a legal contract. Generally speaking, your contract is either a service contract, or contract for sales of goods. There are rules on each type and different law applies. To decide whether you should put your agreement in writing, you will need to take a peak in Statute of Fraud in your state.
Make sure all parties are legally able to participate. This means that no minor or person under influence can sign the contract. Exchange something of value to provide consideration as necessary element of every biding contract. Get on the same page, as your offer must be accepted to have the legal significance. A good faith effort has to take place. Confidentiality close is often part of contract, as well as termination clause. Terms have to be specific and detailed. Cover it all. Make sure it is in accordance with the State Statute.
What if you get sued? Contract in writing is essential to your answer, cause of action and defense.
For assistance with your contract, contact me at 1-602-769-1585. To reach me faster, my phone is connected to google voice.