Time To Recharge

If you are like me, you probably don’t take much break. After all, there’s always something to do, even when it’s not a pressing issue. Most of my time I spend working. I am not complaining, of course. I am lucky enough to like what I do for living. But what happens when the stress … Continue reading Time To Recharge

Legal Document Called Trust

What is Trust Trust is a legal instrument with the main purpose to secure your assets on the behalf of your beneficiaries.  Every trust must have four primary elements. The first element is the trust maker – the person who makes the trust. This person can also be called the “Grantor” or “Settlor.” The second … Continue reading Legal Document Called Trust

Prepared by Anthem Paralegal

It’s not always about saving  the money, it’s the quality. What if it can be both? Helping my clients keep current with their legal documents needs since 2009… Why getting your legal documents online prepared by Anthem Paralegal will actually work for you? Why This Works Many of my clients do not wish to discuss their … Continue reading Prepared by Anthem Paralegal

Successful Relationships

Successful relationships are largely based on trust. Basically that means: I trust you because I trust in my choice. If you are my choice, as my partner, I, naturally, want to feel good about the choice that I made to be with you. Thus,trust in your partner is directly connected to person’s feelings of self-worth … Continue reading Successful Relationships