Successful Relationships

Successful relationships are largely based on trust. Basically that means: I trust you because I trust in my choice. If you are my choice, as my partner, I, naturally, want to feel good about the choice that I made to be with you.

Thus,trust in your partner is directly connected to person’s feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. Contrary to the popular belief, trust is not only earned. It is also a consciously made decision to trust another person, without asking it to be earned. Constantly doubting one’s intentions is destructive to any relationship and, as a result, negatively impact the very core of intimacy, the feelings of loving, being loved and supported. What differentiate a strong, long term relationship from a dysfunctional relationship is the capacity of both partners to prioritize the important goals and plans by overcoming the day to day life challenges, doubts and distractions.

Lack of trust that your partner is having the best intentions in mind for your marriage or your relationship affects both partners just as strongly. Relationships without trust are less successful and ultimately destined to fail.

Best Friends are for Lifetime

No men can live alone. I’ve seen times and times what isolation can do to a human. Socializing with others is psychological need. We often strive to be liked and appreciated. We crave recognition and acknowledgement. We love to be noticed and cherished for who we are. As a young girl, I must say that I spent many hours wondering about my friends. I thought of who liked me and who did not. I thought of why they did not like me and what did I do wrong. Sometimes I cried myself to sleep, when I could not do anything to “save” my friendship with people who I thought were important. I liked to give and never asked for anything in return. Once, the time had come that I needed help. For the first time I had to reach out and ask. I was embarrassed. I did not know how to ask for help. In that challenging time I learned more than ever. I learned that the true friends will never let me down, no matter how far I lived and how long we did not talk. I learn that true friendships last for lifetime. I learned that real friendships were rare and few. Suddenly it occurred to me that all my wasted tears for people who did not care were not wasted for no reason. It had to happen so that I can cherish what was important – the friends for whom I never had to shed one single tear, while trying to figure out what went wrong with our friendship. It felt like growing up all over again. I was happy.

Home is Where the Heart is

I loved my visit and enjoy every moment spent with my family. I got all the attention and famous Eastern European hospitality. I was invited to lunches, dinners, drinks and parties. I thought of coming back and staying in that beautiful, tiny country where life was so simple, for a long time. I could start a business. I could fix my house there and live away from hustle and bustle that is often throwing me off tracks. I could work less and spend more time socializing and learning about the people. All sounded so inviting. I waited and waited to hear a single word – “stay”. I even fell in love with that imaginary man from the old country who I should have married a long time ago. Then I remembered all those years left behind, the years of building my dreams. My places that I frequently visited and my friends were waiting there to hear my stories. I traveled free, did what I wanted to do, and loved who I chose to love. I was my own master. Suddenly I realized that I did not want to hear the magic word that I was hoping to hear. I could not wait to touch the soil of well-known land again, the land that I called home.

Need a Simple Will?

Need a Simple Will?

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Arizona Last Will and Living Trust

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Important Consideration – Creating Power of Attorney

What are the ways to put your finances in order when time comes you are unable to do so? Setting up a power of attorney (POA) is one of your options when it comes to managing your daily financial affairs and transactions under certain circumstances such as when you are undergoing medical treatment or out of the country. It refers to a legal document that allows an individual or a financial institution such as a bank to manage your finances whether you are capable or not of doing it on your own.

The following are the essential considerations that you need to think about when creating a financial power-of-attorney document:

1. The need for a POA

Do you think you need help with handling your financial affairs? There are certain situations in which powers of attorney are not needed. For instance, if you own a big estate, you may be better off preparing a revocable living trust that offers great tax benefits and fits your needs. You may want to consider having both a financial POA and a revocable living trust.

2. The person who will act as your attorney-in-fact or agent

Take time in choosing the right agent who you will trust to carry out your financial tasks with your best interest in mind. Here are some of the characteristics that you should consider when selecting your financial agent:

• Financial savvy

• Trustworthy and comfortable to work with

• Can devote enough time to perform the required financial responsibilities

• Accessible and lives near your residence so that you can easily discuss with him or her any pertinent concern about your POA

• Can commit to carry out his or her duties as an agent if you are unable to handle your finances for a long time

Once you have chosen an agent, don’t forget to discuss the tasks, including the financial duties involved.

3. The forms you will use for preparing the power-of-attorney document

Use the power-of-attorney forms available online as your model or starting point. Before you consult with a lawyer, it is best to view several POA forms and understand fully the terms specified on them. That way, you can see the various possibilities before you head over to a lawyer’s office.

There are many sources of POA forms online these days. You can download a form from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You may opt to look for a particular POA form for your state on some websites that specialize in legal documents.

If you are about to finalize your POA document, you have to consult a lawyer first. You can ask the lawyer about the form of authority that suits your needs best as a principal.

4. The parties that will receive the power-of-attorney documents

Your power of attorney must be put in writing, signed by all parties involved (including the witnesses), and duly notarized. If the terms in the POA are related to taxes, it must be filed at the state government. If the terms are related to your real estate, your POA document must be filed at the office of the local county recorder.

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