A Note To All

Many of us would agree that  the sayings “In the blink of an eye, your whole life can be turned upside down” is true. Living in the pandemic world of today, we have learned that what we once took for granted is no longer certain.  Anxiety, depression and substance abuse is on the rise. People … Continue reading A Note To All

Having Less, Living More

Some twenty years ago, as a young student, I was on the exploring side. I packed and traveled the World on my own. I spent a month in India. I learned about the culture substantially different. What was really strange to me, back in those days, that I saw so much poverty in the cities, … Continue reading Having Less, Living More

The FBI Crime Clock

• One murder every 33.9 minutes • One forcible rape every 5.8 minutes • One robbery every 1.3 minutes • One property crime every 3.1 seconds • One motor vehicle theft every 27.1 seconds I can help you prepare your documents if you are a self – litigant, or direct you to a lawyer when … Continue reading The FBI Crime Clock

Why hire Paralegal when I can either download free forms or buy them for few bucks?

This is the question many of clients asked themselves first. There are at least two good reasons why you should have trained professional prepare the documents for you. First, there is quite a few information or terminology in legal world that you may not know. If you do not know what it means, it will … Continue reading Why hire Paralegal when I can either download free forms or buy them for few bucks?

Help With Divorce and Child Custody in AZ

At Anthem Legal we understand that this may be the most stressful time in your life. We can make the formal part easy by professionaly preparing your documents. About us: Anthem Legal Services is Arizona’s Online Legal Document Service Provider (www.anthemlegal.com) You can reach us Statewide: 888-411-7739