Prepared by Anthem Paralegal

It’s not always about saving  the money, it’s the quality. What if it can be both? Helping my clients keep current with their legal documents needs since 2009… Why getting your legal documents online prepared by Anthem Paralegal will actually work for you? Why This Works Many of my clients do not wish to discuss their … Continue reading Prepared by Anthem Paralegal

The Most Simple Guide To Your Estate Planning

Are you feeling anxious about planning your estate? Many of my clients do.  It is normal to feel that way. It brings about the fragility of life. It speaks to human life being finite and us being perished. Now that’s a thought! Bitter – sweet truth; We are perishable goods.  When I  think of my … Continue reading The Most Simple Guide To Your Estate Planning

Need a Simple Will?

Need a Simple Will? Anthem Legal has created a package “My Life” that incudes all legal documents needed for simple estate planning in the State of Arizona. Anthem Legal can help you prepare your downloaded documents and documents from self-service center, or direct you to a lawyer when you need one.  Call Anthem Legal at … Continue reading Need a Simple Will?