A Note To All

Many of us would agree that  the sayings “In the blink of an eye, your whole life can be turned upside down” is true. Living in the pandemic world of today, we have learned that what we once took for granted is no longer certain.  Anxiety, depression and substance abuse is on the rise. People … Continue reading A Note To All

A Letter from My Friend

(Via “Alternative Approach to Sexuality through Spirituality” – translated from Croatian) My Dear Friend, I came to realization that our only purpose is to love ourselves, our families, our life and God. When I tell that to myself I think for a moment: if I do not love myself, how can I love others? Acceptance … Continue reading A Letter from My Friend

Restaurants on Danube River in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbian cuisine is heterogeneous, mixed from Greek, Hungarian, Turkish and Austrian influences. Two of my favorite places to visit were Skadarska Street, also known as “bohemian quarter” and famous clubs and restaurants on the river Danube. Serbian cuisine is rich in fat and almost every meal contains meat. Alcohol is often served and consumed in … Continue reading Restaurants on Danube River in Belgrade, Serbia

There Will Always Be Some People

I was living on the second floor, in the two bedroom apartment and by myself. I did not want a roommate. I simply felt that I needed the time alone when I was in the base. I was flying more than a hundred hours every month and I was exhausted. The experience of visiting so … Continue reading There Will Always Be Some People