Need a Simple Will?

Need a Simple Will?

Anthem Legal has created a package “My Life” that incudes all legal documents needed for simple estate planning in the State of Arizona.

Anthem Legal can help you prepare your downloaded documents and documents from self-service center, or direct you to a lawyer when you need one.  Call Anthem Legal at 1-888-411-7739. (

Why hire Paralegal when I can either download free forms or buy them for few bucks?

This is the question many of clients asked themselves first. There are at least two good reasons why you should have trained professional prepare the documents for you. First, there is quite a few information or terminology in legal world that you may not know. If you do not know what it means, it will be difficult to fill it out in the blanks. Second, every decent paralegal will tell you when you should contact the lawyer. That is when we realize that you have much going on and we know that you are making a mistake; we just cannot tell you that. Anthem Legal can provide legal information and will refer a lawyer when you need advice. Independent Paralegals in AZ are called Legal Documents Preparers and are licensed by the Supreme Court of AZ. To maintain the individual license, Paralegal is subject to the continuous education that is required prior to each renewal.
I can help you prepare your downloaded documents and documents from self-service cost, or direct you to a lawyer when you need one.

Paralegal in Arizona


In the State of Arizona, Anthem Legal can help you with the legal documents such as motion, petition, law suit pleadings and any many other documents and contracts that you may need. Many individuals have contacted Anthem Legal for help with Bankruptcy, Divorce, Deeds and Estate Planning. Anthem Legal is Arizona Online Document Preparation Service. Why online? Because many of Anthem Legal customers prefer to save time and money? Call me at 1-602-769-1585, or email

Simple Will in AZ


There are many ways in which you can express your last wishes. Your Will is one of the most important document that you will ever write. Anthem Legal is not just any other on-line service provider. We are local to AZ and we will listen to you! It has become increasingly difficult to get estate documents notarized. Anthem Paralegal has mobile notary who will come directly to you with all the legal documents that you needs to be signed, so that you are ready!

Family Living Trust in AZ

Are you ready to set up your Revocable Living Trust? This Estate Planning Document allows your more power over your estate and protects your most valuable assets. Not every person needs Living Trust. Simple Will is sufficient in some cases.  I  can provide information about Wills and Trust.

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