Bankruptcy Filing in AZ

Year 2012 was a record high in my career for Bankruptcy chapter 7 filings. I am glad to notice that 2013 has showed a steady decline in bankruptcy filings. The decision to file for bankruptcy is most definitely not the easiest decision to make. Before anyone takes that route, it is crucially important to learn as much as possible about the court procedures, law that applies, impact etc…It is important to disclose all the information as consequences of withholding the information can be potentially serious. When you are in doubt, I recommend consultations with attorney. If you are ready to file, I can prepare your bankruptcy documents fast and accurate, based on the information that you provide.

When things go bad, everyone deserves a fresh start.

Superior Court Information – good to bookmark

Superior Court Information – good to bookmark

The FBI Crime Clock

• One murder every 33.9 minutes
• One forcible rape every 5.8 minutes
• One robbery every 1.3 minutes
• One property crime every 3.1 seconds
• One motor vehicle theft every 27.1 seconds
I can help you prepare your documents if you are a self – litigant, or direct you to a lawyer when you need one. Call or text Debbie @ 602-769-1585

Paralegal in Arizona


In the State of Arizona, Anthem Legal can help you with the legal documents such as motion, petition, law suit pleadings and any many other documents and contracts that you may need. Many individuals have contacted Anthem Legal for help with Bankruptcy, Divorce, Deeds and Estate Planning. Anthem Legal is Arizona Online Document Preparation Service. Why online? Because many of Anthem Legal customers prefer to save time and money? Call me at 1-602-769-1585, or email

Help With Divorce and Child Custody in AZ

Child_Custody_Court_Battle_Showing_the_Parents_Fighting_over_Their_Child_in_a_Court_Room_Picture_Stock_Photo_Stock_Photograph_111113-135219-502001At Anthem Legal we understand that this may be the most stressful time in your life. We can make the formal part easy by professionaly preparing your documents.

About us: Anthem Legal Services is Arizona’s Online Legal Document Service Provider ( You can reach us Statewide: 888-411-7739

Divorce and Impact on Children


Suggested reading by AnthemParaegal: Amato, Paul R.; Keith, Bruce – Psychological Bulletin, Vol 110(1), Jul 1991, 26-46.


Meta-analysis involved 92 studies that compared children living in divorced single-parent families with children living in continuously intact families on measures of well-being. Children of divorce scored lower than children in intact families across a variety of outcomes, with the median effect size being .14 of a standard deviation. For some outcomes, methodologically sophisticated studies yielded weaker effect sizes than did other studies. In addition, for some outcomes, more recent studies yielded weaker effect sizes than did studies carried out during earlier decades. Some support was found for theoretical perspectives emphasizing parental absence and economic disadvantage, but the most consistent support was found for a family conflict perspective. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)


Self – Service Desk

courts caLegal system is open to the Public. If you have taken time to research your case and would like to represent yourself in the Court, Anthem Legal can help you prepare legal documents, such as motion, complaint, stipulation, petition, summons etc…We know court procedures. Your documents will be delivered via e-mail or by mail with the complete instructions and next steps on “How to Represent Yourself” in Arizona.

About us: Anthem Legal Services is Arizona’s Online Legal Document Service Provider ( You can reach us Statewide: 888-411-7739


Famous Paralegals

5-Erin-Brockovich-Google-ChromeErin Brockovich continues to fight as consumer activist after 19 years in her profession. She became well known after Oscar winning Julie Roberts movie some 12 years ago regarding the case Pacific Gas & Electric in which her investigation was instrumental. Because of her fighting spirit, Erin has become the champion of countless women and men. She is this generations, “Dear Abby” and in fact receives thousands of “Dear Erin” letters and emails each year from people who are begging for help and support in their own personal struggles. Erin proudly answers every one of them. Erin became a President of her very own Brockovich Research & Consulting, and is currently involved in numerous environmental projects worldwide. Erin has attempted several colleagues and has not attended law school. Nevertheless, she is one of the most requested speakers on the international lecture circuit and travels the world for personal appearances. Currently, Erin lives in Southern California with her husband, three children and five Pomeranians.
About us: Anthem Legal Services is Arizona’s Online Legal Document Service Provider ( You can reach us Statewide: 888-411-7739

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