Divorce and Impact on Children

Suggested reading by AnthemParaegal: Amato, Paul R.; Keith, Bruce – Psychological Bulletin, Vol 110(1), Jul 1991, 26-46. Abstract: Meta-analysis involved 92 studies that compared children living in divorced single-parent families with children living in continuously intact families on measures of well-being. Children of divorce scored lower than children in intact families across a variety of … Continue reading Divorce and Impact on Children

Paternity and Child Support in AZ

You want the best for your child and work really hard to secure your child’s future. Financially, you need assistance from a second parent. The problem is he/she is no longer in the picture. To get the child support from somebody who you were not married to and has simple disappeared from our life, the … Continue reading Paternity and Child Support in AZ

Enforcing Court Order in AZ

When you hire paralegal, you hire a professional that can help you organize your documents and file correct legal documents to move on with your legal proceeding. When child support is ordered, but payments not received, there are documents that you can file. Anthem Legal can assist you and prepare your documents. About us: Anthem … Continue reading Enforcing Court Order in AZ