Bankruptcy Filing in AZ

Year 2012 was a record high in my career for Bankruptcy chapter 7 filings. I am glad to notice that 2013 has showed a steady decline in bankruptcy filings. The decision to file for bankruptcy is most definitely not the easiest decision to make. Before anyone takes that route, it is crucially important to learn as much as possible about the court procedures, law that applies, impact etc…It is important to disclose all the information as consequences of withholding the information can be potentially serious. When you are in doubt, I recommend consultations with attorney. If you are ready to file, I can prepare your bankruptcy documents fast and accurate, based on the information that you provide.

When things go bad, everyone deserves a fresh start.

Paralegal in Arizona


In the State of Arizona, Anthem Legal can help you with the legal documents such as motion, petition, law suit pleadings and any many other documents and contracts that you may need. Many individuals have contacted Anthem Legal for help with Bankruptcy, Divorce, Deeds and Estate Planning. Anthem Legal is Arizona Online Document Preparation Service. Why online? Because many of Anthem Legal customers prefer to save time and money? Call me at 1-602-769-1585, or email

Help with Bankruptcy in AZ


You deserve a fresh start!
~ Anthem Legals is helping clients file on-line bankruptcy since 2006, call us tool free 1-888-411-7739

Reaffirming Debt in AZ

your-financial-troubles-is-a-thing-of-the-pastWhen you file for bankruptcy, you would like to keep some of your personal items, car and your house , if you own one. State of Arizona has clearly defined rules on the amount of the exceptions that you are able to keep, both for couples and individuals. If you are ready to file and have not started preparing legal documents on your own, Anthem Legal can work with you saving you time and money. You do this one time in your life. We do it every day! Experience counts.
About us: Anthem Legal Services is Arizona’s Online Legal Document Service Provider ( You can reach us Statewide: 888-411-7739

Bankruptcy Paralegal in AZ

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Anthem Legal, with our paralegal services, has helped many clients prepare bankruptcy paperwork. Some of the legal documents for Arizona bankruptcy include the following:
Chapter 7 Means Test
Voluntary Petition
Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments
Statement of Social Security Number
Summary and Declaration of Schedules

About us: Anthem Legal Services is Arizona’s Online Legal Document Service Provider ( You can reach us Statewide: 888-411-7739

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