Private Mediation

What to Expect When Attending Our Mediation Session?

I arrange meditation sessions at the conference room next to my office, including weekends. Plan on four hours meeting. Standard session will include:

  1. Introduction of the parties (including myself)
  2. Goals that parties have
  3. Step by step plan, including competitive and cooperative negotiation
  4. Clear deadlines for reaching the agreement 
  5. Written agreement between the parties that you can use as supporting document at the court

How Mediation Can Help Reduce Time and Expenses:

Mediation helps parties in a disagreement settle their disputes without having to go to court. When all parties take the time to hear the other positions and work toward mutually acceptable outcomes, there is less hostility and demonizing of the other party. Rather than the win-lose outcomes of courtrooms, mediators open dialogue to help the parties reach a win-win resolution. Mediation can be introduced at any time during your legal proceedings. Most commonly, private mediators are hired to assist couples that are divorcing,

The cost of the actual mediation varies depending on the amount of time you need to resolve your conflict.  Also, mediators charge a variety of different hourly rates.  Many trained mediators charge between $150 and $350 hourly rate and some have sliding scales fees.

Mediators do not have to be attorneys. Mediators are often trained in conflict resolutions and negotiations, as well as psychology.  Many clients would rather fire a mediator who is not an attorney, Some law offices also offer mediations as a part of alternative dispute resolutions. While Arbitrator has to be an attorney, best Mediators are experts in conflict resolutions, psychology, social work and negotiations. While you may be able to get a “discount” mediator, the old adage – you get what you pay for – often holds true.

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