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Pricing is subject to change and depends on complexity of the work you hire me to do for you. I offer end-to-end solutions when you can relax and I handle all filings, fees  and other steps required to complete the work. Any documents that involve customization will be quoted separately, depending on the time needed for preparation. 


I will walk you through the documents and procedures that are applicable to your case, or interpret your legal documents, so that you know exactly what is that you need to do, rather than spending countless hours searching the internet. You will receive your customized step-by-step plan and procedure process that you can follow with confidence. 


Around 70% of Americans still don’t have last will and testament. Many of us procrastinate. We don’t believe that we have enough assets or we simply don’t want to face our own mortality. The problem with this approach is that when one does not have a valid will, the State will decide what happens to the interest of someone dying ‘intestate” (without a will). Some critical issues such as distribution timing, guardianship of minor children or pets are now left in state hands to decide. A careful planing of our family and personal goals can give us a peace of mind.

I prepare this important document and arrange for your witnesses, if you do not have witnesses for the flat fee of $100. I am also available to talk and discuss the issues so that you can feel comfortable that your Will is exactly what you needed. I carefully read the statute and applicable law before I place anything on paper and after preparing over a hundred of estate planning documents, including wills, all my clients were satisfied with accuracy and content.

Whenever you need to change, revoke or replace your Will, I can assist you in such matter. I take my clients personally and understand the importance of the decision to prepare estate planing. Ask me about My Life Package, a signature product by Anthem Legal Services that contains all the documents needed to protect yourself , your family and your assets in the State of Arizona. While I don’t handle formal and informal Probate, I can provide information and My package can make Probate run smooth and fast, with some of your most important and valuable assets avoiding probate all together.

You will receive one original document in paper form and electronic form. Should you need more that one original document, the additional fee for each is $5.


Living Trust is the document used to place your personal assets in Trust, a contract form that transfers the assets from you to another upon meeting the decided terms by you. It is primarily used for real estate and valuables, such as precious stones, art collections, or any other items that you would like to avoid probate and transfer immediately to your beneficiary (ies). The other value of creating a Living Trust is the privacy of your assets as they are automatically transferred into trust. Trust does not need to be recorded. The most popular form is Revocable Trust that can be changed at any time, if your situation changes. Once the Trustor (the owner of the trust) is deceased, trust becomes irrevocable, unless there is a provision to transfer the power of Trustor to a spouse. This type of trust is also known as Family Trust.

I prepare your Living Trust for $250 that includes providing all the information you need, research is needed and notary signature. You will receive one original document in paper form and electronic form. Should you need more that one original document, the additional fee for each is $5.


This important document grants your beneficiary access to your financial accounts should you become disable or in case of death. Without this document your accounts may be locked after the probate process is completed.

I prepare your power of attorney for $75, including one original and notary signature. If you need more than one original, please add $5 for each. The electronic form is included in the price.


Contract is a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law. Some contracts have to be in writing to become enforceable. There are certain requirements for a contract to be valid. I can prepare any written agreement for you and the other party, including promissory notes, rental agreements, bill of sale, personal agreement etc. It is often a good idea to think of the terms and how you would like to protect your tangible and intangible assets, as well as make sure that you preserve your peace of mind with signing a legally binding agreement. If you are unsure of the terms and how it will affect you and your interest, I suggest prior consultations with the attorney.

DIVORCE – $350

Divorce is not just a legal process. It is one of the most emotionally charged event that affects our lives. Being previously divorce myself, I approach divorce of my clients personally and provide tools and tactic to cope with phases of divorce. When children are involved, it is particularly important to attempt the most amicable resolution. I prepare all your court paperwork and emphasize with you and your partner thought this difficult time. I charge the same fee with or without children for all your paperwork. The court fees and process server fees are separate. There are several ways to serve the other party. I recommend using the process server and I partnered with Valley Wide Process Services, so that I can obtain discounts for you.


If you are modifying your child support, parenting plan and custody of the minor children , I can prepare your forms and provide filing instructions. During our initial interview please be ready to provide copies of the relevant court documents and most recent order that you are modifying.


Once you are summoned and ordered to appear at the certain date and time, there are various type of forms and legal pleading that you may need to prepare. Your instructions may or may not be included. I invite you to meet with your legal documents; so that I can help you understand what is needed and prepare your forms if you decide to hire me. During the hearing or at trial, you will be required to follow the courtroom procedures.


Chapter 7 or personal bankruptcy helps you get released from some dischargeable debts, thus opening a room for a second chance and a new, fresh start. It’s easy to get lost in many forms that are required by the court. I offer my assistance in preparing your bankruptcy documents and file your documents with the federal court electronically; however, you are still required to file your petition in person at the federal court building in your district. I charge the flat fee for document preparation. You are responsible to pay the filing fee at the court. The bankruptcy court may arrange for installment payments, especially if you are currently unemployed.


Quitclaim deed is the most popular document to add person’s interest to the existing real estate, however is not a title search and it does not guarantee that interest of clear title. I record and notarize the quitclaim deed for you at no additional cost.

A Quitclaim Deed is used to transfer property interest from one person (grantor) to another (grantee). It is most often used between people who know each other, such as family members as there is no warranty to the title. You can transfer your interest in Real Estate property with a Quit Claim Deed transfer service.

LEGAL INFORMATION – $100 per session

You may just need legal information to help you understand what your options are and what is asked of you. Although I will not provide a legal advice, I can clarify the information based on which you can either consult with the attorney or become able to decide on your own.


Whether you are starting small business or have a bigger plan, congratulations on making a big decision to become entrepreneur. Most small business in Arizona form LLCs. I can help you from the name search, to trade name, to article of organization and publication, all within one flat fee.