Around 70% of Americans still don’t have last will and testament. Many of us procrastinate. We don’t believe that we have enough assets or we simply don’t want to face our own mortality. The problem with this approach is that when one does not have a valid will, the State will decide what happens to … Continue reading LAST WILL & TESTAMENT & LIVING TRUST

Revocable Living Trust

Living Trust is the document used to place your personal assets in Trust, a contract form that transfers the assets from you to another upon meeting the decided terms by you. It is primarily used for real estate and valuables, such as precious stones, art collections, or any other items that you would like to … Continue reading Revocable Living Trust

Family Living Trust in AZ

Are you ready to set up your Revocable Living Trust? This Estate Planning Document allows your more power over your estate and protects your most valuable assets. Not every person needs Living Trust. Simple Will is sufficient in some cases.  I  can provide information about Wills and Trust. (