Guardianship/Conservatorship/Personal Representative – “My Probate Representative”

MY PROBATE REPRESENTATIVE PACKAGE Your total cost is $1,150 from start to finish The informal probate process involves much less court intervention than other probate procedures, such as formal or supervised probate. In an informal probate process, the court appoints an executor who will manage the distribution of the deceased person's estate. What is included … Continue reading Guardianship/Conservatorship/Personal Representative – “My Probate Representative”

Separation/Divorce/End of Relationship or Post Divorce Issues – “My Divorce”

MY DIVORCE PACKAGE Your cost: $1,100 – all fees in uncontested divorce included Divorce is one of the most stressful, major events in life. It took a long time to make a decision to get divorced. Now you made a decision to divorce. You decided to start a new life and your marriage is over. … Continue reading Separation/Divorce/End of Relationship or Post Divorce Issues – “My Divorce”

Estate Planning – “My Life”

MY LIFE PACKAGE  Your cost: $650– all fees included Whether you are starting up new, after the divorce or bankruptcy, or you simply want to organize your life, belongings and assets distribution, there are five important documents in Arizona that will offer to you and your loved ones peace of mind and personal protection. My … Continue reading Estate Planning – “My Life”

LLC/Partnership/Incorporation – “My Business”

MY BUSINESS START-UP PACKAGE Your cost: $1,100 – all fees included Starting up a new business? Your dream is about to take off. I offer end to end solution to make the legal part and start up brand marketing easy for you. The rest is on you. My package includes: Free business consultations LLC or … Continue reading LLC/Partnership/Incorporation – “My Business”