Helping You With Your Legal Papers

I have learned throughout my career and when talking to numerous clients that dealing with any legal action is never a pleasant experience. Even when the cause is the happy one, still nobody wants to deal with a sea of paperwork and forms to get accomplished what seems to be a simple request. Internet is … Continue reading Helping You With Your Legal Papers

What Did They Say…

Adult Guardianship Client: "Thank you for all that you are doing. We were able to get appointed a free attorney and we are meeting with her this week. All of that was possible with your help. I will make sure to keep you posted on the progress. I really appreciated everything you did for us". … Continue reading What Did They Say…

Understanding The Forms And More

The most cherished moment while working with my clients is feeling that I was able to develop a  personal bond that goes deeper than preparing their legal documents. Every time when I did not feel that was accomplished, I was nothing more that the typist or another notary, regardless of the amount of time and … Continue reading Understanding The Forms And More

Saturday in Wickenburg, Arizona

  Wickenburg is a small town west of Phoenix, AZ, on a main freeways that leads to Las Vegas, NV. Like the most of Arizona, Wickenburg suffers from from the excessive heat in the summer. This town is a true cowboy town, one of the best preserved Wild West heritage and life style that can … Continue reading Saturday in Wickenburg, Arizona

What Can I Do to Help – Call for Life in Abundance

As I was taking my afternoon break, a thought crossed my mind that I had to jot down. I am writing in first person for the purposes of this exercise only. Say for example, I cut down of my consumption of meat and dairy and I reduced my grocery bill for, at least 20%. In … Continue reading What Can I Do to Help – Call for Life in Abundance

Mira (extract from The Story of a Flight Attendant)

Mira was a gorgeous looking girl. With her dreamy, blue eyes and a long, natural blond, thick hair, her tall and proportional body, she couldn't pass by un-noticed. Her graceful figure resembled of Queen Noir, the official Queen of Jordan and King Hussein’s second wife. For her resemblance alone, she would get noticed anywhere in … Continue reading Mira (extract from The Story of a Flight Attendant)

With HALO and Pet Smart Charities

I am a great friend with pit bulls. I train the aggressive ones and get them adopted instead of putting them to sleep. Pit bulls are awesome! Here is one of my favorite moments at HALO Rescue facility and adoption boarding house with the big boy ❣