Children and Divorce

When things get ugly, a divorcing couple may use children to try to negotiate the terms of their divorce. Mostly this is done unconsciously. Either way, it is strongly recommendable that every effort is placed to keep children out of the dispute between their parents. Parental disputes can harm mental and emotional development of their minor children. I approach every case personally. I can lead you through tour divorce stages and suggest appropriate measures, as well as counseling or mediation sessions, when they appear to be recommendable.

Thomas Jefferson letter to Judge Spencer Roane

Date: September 6, 1819

The Constitution . . . is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary which they may twist and shape into any form they please.

Superior Court Information – good to bookmark

Superior Court Information – good to bookmark

5 Phases in Divorce

5 Phases in Divorce

Experts say there are 5 phases in divorces.
• denial and/or shock
• bargaining
• anger
• guilt and sadness
• acceptance
While majority will go through the phases, not necessary in the same order, you should not have to worry about documents that you need to fill out for the Court. I can help you regain the confidence and handle all your paperwork.

Compare Legal Documents in AZ

Compare Legal Documents in AZ

Why Anthem Legal? 1-888-411-7739.

Estate Planning in AZ

Estate Planning in AZ

5 documents that everyone needs. Click to get more information from Anthem Legal.

How To Get your Will, Trust and Estate Planning Documents in AZ

How To Get your Will, Trust and Estate Planning Documents in AZ

How to get Power of Attorney in AZ

How to get Power of Attorney in AZ

In simple words, this important document means that you are authorizing somebody to do something for you in the event that you cannot.  For example, your child is staying away from home, or you are buying and selling in another town, or you want to make sure that your spouse has access to your accounts should something happen to you…Anthem Legal can prepare and notarize your Power of Attorney . 1-888-411-7739.

Legal Documents in Arizona

Legal Documents in Arizona

At Anthem Legal, I believe that legal documents should be affordable and easy to order. I have created simple questionnaires to help me gather the information from you so that I can prepare your documents. For information and questions, please contact Anthem Legal at 1-888-411-7739. 

Contracts in AZ

Contracts in AZ

For your business or any personal matter or agreement between you and the other party contact Anthem Legal at 1-888-411-7739.

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