My Role In Your Legal Proceedings

I enjoy working with all my clients and don't mind making myself available during the weekends, holidays or whenever I am needed. My business is what I love to do. my schedule is flexible, mobile and not limited to office hours. in other words, I am there for you when you need me. Legal proceedings … Continue reading My Role In Your Legal Proceedings

Separation/Divorce/End of Relationship or Post Divorce Issues – “My Divorce”

MY DIVORCE PACKAGE Your cost: $1,100 – all fees in uncontested divorce included Divorce is one of the most stressful, major events in life. It took a long time to make a decision to get divorced. Now you made a decision to divorce. You decided to start a new life and your marriage is over. … Continue reading Separation/Divorce/End of Relationship or Post Divorce Issues – “My Divorce”


Divorce is not just a legal process. It is one of the most emotionally charged event that affects our lives. Being previously divorce myself, I approach divorce of my clients personally and provide tools and tactic to cope with phases of divorce. When children are involved, it is particularly important to attempt the most amicable … Continue reading DIVORCE

One of the Main Reasons for Divorce

One of the main reasons that lead to divorce is not sharing the same vision of success and not having a shared vision of success. There is no doubt that we are in love with each other, in fact, we still have the sweet butterflies to remind us of that each day and every moment we are … Continue reading One of the Main Reasons for Divorce

When You Agree to Divorce

Ugly faces of divorce: 1. Fighting over the child custody and visitations 2. Depression and feeling of failure 3. Inability to agree on how to parent your children Solution: Let go on fighting with one another. You will not get your marriage back, but you can make your divorce less painful. People can agree on … Continue reading When You Agree to Divorce

Children and Divorce

When things get ugly, a divorcing couple may use children to try to negotiate the terms of their divorce. Mostly this is done unconsciously. Either way, it is strongly recommendable that every effort is placed to keep children out of the dispute between their parents. Parental disputes can harm mental and emotional development of their … Continue reading Children and Divorce

5 Phases in Divorce

Experts say there are 5 phases in divorces. • denial and/or shock • bargaining • anger • guilt and sadness • acceptance While majority will go through the phases, not necessary in the same order, you should not have to worry about documents that you need to fill out for the Court. I can help … Continue reading 5 Phases in Divorce