My Role In Your Legal Proceedings

I enjoy working with all my clients and don’t mind making myself available during the weekends, holidays or whenever I am needed. My business is what I love to do. my schedule is flexible, mobile and not limited to office hours. in other words, I am there for you when you need me.

Legal proceedings are challenging and many of us who went down that road before know about fears and anxieties that they can bring upon us, even when we are strong. I understand and love to hear your stories. With that in mind, you still may need a good therapist to recollect your thoughts and rebuild your life to your best potential. We can talk about many things. We can go over the material multiple times. My role is to listen and to understand your situation and provided options to you based on my legal knowledge.

Having said that, I am not the one to tell you what to do. This is about your life, your story, your legal case. I provide the options that are available to you.  If your divorce is not consented and both parties are disagreeing rather heavily, if you expect to be told what to do, you have an option to hire an attorney to handle the case for you. My role is giving you the confidence to self litigate. Let’s keep in mind that option to self litigate is not good for everyone and it is strongly connected to your own readiness and complexity of your case.


Separation/Divorce/End of Relationship or Post Divorce Issues – “My Divorce”


Divorce is one of the most stressful, major events in life. It took a long time to make a decision to get divorced. Now you made a decision to divorce. You decided to start a new life and your marriage is over. This is one of the hardest decision you had to make, but you knew in your heart that it was the right decision. My role is to make this for you and your partner the most amicable divorce that it can be. In over hundred divorce cases that I handled for my clients, none of them ended up in the court battle.

In addition to the court procedures that you need to follow and precise court forms and documents, there are many fees involved. Partner with me and let me get all of the work done, so that you can actually concentrate on living your life and healing emotionally while this process is ongoing. I charge a single fee of $1,000 that includes all court fees, process server fees and notary. Most of attorney charge for uncontested divorce $4,000 – $5,000. I operate with low overhead and that puts me in a position to pass my savings onto you. My work arrangement is flexible and my services concentrate on you – my client. You get my undivided time and you speak to me directly, not to an assistant.


Divorce is not just a legal process. It is one of the most emotionally charged event that affects our lives. Being previously divorce myself, I approach divorce of my clients personally and provide tools and tactic to cope with phases of divorce. When children are involved, it is particularly important to attempt the most amicable resolution. I prepare all your court paperwork and emphasize with you and your partner thought this difficult time. I charge the same fee with or without children for all your paperwork. The court fees and process server fees are separate. There are several ways to serve the other party. I recommend using the process server and I partnered with Valley Wide Process Services, so that I can obtain discounts for you.

I can meet you at the nearest court building self-service center and help you with your paperwork.

One of the Main Reasons for Divorce

One of the main reasons that lead to divorce is not sharing the same vision of success and not having a shared vision of success.

There is no doubt that we are in love with each other, in fact, we still have the sweet butterflies to remind us of that each day and every moment we are together. He or She is the one! It’s not that easy. Before we marry, we should have asked ourselves whether we are compatible with our future spouse. Do we want the same things in life? For example, if I rather spend the weekend in the cozy cottage and he wants fancy city life, will we both be happy. What if my energy level is high and he likes to quiet, laid back evenings by the computer. The main reason for divorce is not being compatible as a couple. Simply speaking, our personalities do not match.

“Everything changed when we got married!” We drive each other crazy. How many times have we heard that? How could we not know? Well, we didn’t ask. We didn’t have the same expectations. The expectations changed. Now, with major differences in philosophy, can our marriage work? Many don’t.

When You Agree to Divorce

Ugly faces of divorce:
1. Fighting over the child custody and visitations
2. Depression and feeling of failure
3. Inability to agree on how to parent your children

Let go on fighting with one another. You will not get your marriage back, but you can make your divorce less painful. People can agree on almost everything, so why not you two? End your divorce in dignity with the consent decree and not with the judge having to make those decisions for you.

Easier said than done? So here is my story:

Many years later, after the difficult divorce, many hours of counseling and several years of argument, I asked myself why did it take so long to let go? The pain is gone, mistakes forgiven and kids are big. We can still have a good laugh, here and there, when we meet for a coffee or have to make important decisions for our kids. We might say, after bitter years of turmoil first while still together and later while we were divorcing, then we might make better friends that spouses to one another. Time heals wounds and people change. Good memories overrule the bad ones. Kids grow up fast and they have a good tendency to forgive. It really is not that bad.

Children and Divorce

When things get ugly, a divorcing couple may use children to try to negotiate the terms of their divorce. Mostly this is done unconsciously. Either way, it is strongly recommendable that every effort is placed to keep children out of the dispute between their parents. Parental disputes can harm mental and emotional development of their minor children. I approach every case personally. I can lead you through tour divorce stages and suggest appropriate measures, as well as counseling or mediation sessions, when they appear to be recommendable.

5 Phases in Divorce

5 Phases in Divorce

Experts say there are 5 phases in divorces.
• denial and/or shock
• bargaining
• anger
• guilt and sadness
• acceptance
While majority will go through the phases, not necessary in the same order, you should not have to worry about documents that you need to fill out for the Court. I can help you regain the confidence and handle all your paperwork.

Divorce and Impact on Children


Suggested reading by AnthemParaegal: Amato, Paul R.; Keith, Bruce – Psychological Bulletin, Vol 110(1), Jul 1991, 26-46.


Meta-analysis involved 92 studies that compared children living in divorced single-parent families with children living in continuously intact families on measures of well-being. Children of divorce scored lower than children in intact families across a variety of outcomes, with the median effect size being .14 of a standard deviation. For some outcomes, methodologically sophisticated studies yielded weaker effect sizes than did other studies. In addition, for some outcomes, more recent studies yielded weaker effect sizes than did studies carried out during earlier decades. Some support was found for theoretical perspectives emphasizing parental absence and economic disadvantage, but the most consistent support was found for a family conflict perspective. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)


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