Chapter 7 or personal bankruptcy helps you get released from some dischargeable debts, thus opening a room for a second chance and a new, fresh start. It’s easy to get lost in many forms that are required by the court. I offer my assistance in preparing your bankruptcy documents and file your documents with the federal court electronically; however, you are still required to file your petition in person at the federal court building in your district. I charge a low flat fee for orientation with your document preparation and to help you with any questions that you have during this process, including the steps that you will need to take until your  discharge. You are responsible to pay the filing fee at the court. The bankruptcy court may arrange for installment payments, especially if you are currently unemployed.

Bankruptcy Filing in AZ

Year 2012 was a record high in my career for Bankruptcy chapter 7 filings. I am glad to notice that 2013 has showed a steady decline in bankruptcy filings. The decision to file for bankruptcy is most definitely not the easiest decision to make. Before anyone takes that route, it is crucially important to learn as much as possible about the court procedures, law that applies, impact etc…It is important to disclose all the information as consequences of withholding the information can be potentially serious. When you are in doubt, I recommend consultations with attorney. If you are ready to file, I can prepare your bankruptcy documents fast and accurate, based on the information that you provide.

When things go bad, everyone deserves a fresh start.

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