She Is All Of That But

Studies find, as well as statistics show that no matter how much men say they want an equal partner, a woman who’s smart and independent often make men feel emasculated or inferior. How many times have you heard of a couple that jus split up, in which woman was stronger, more successful partner? Usually the … Continue reading She Is All Of That But

Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney simply means that you are granting the right to somebody (your agent) to perform certain task(s) on your behalf and/or make certain decisions. Are There Different  Types Of Power Of Attorney? The power you grant  may be special, limited, durable and general. For example, a durable financial power of attorney is an  important … Continue reading Power Of Attorney

Divorce And Meditation – Relationships Red Flags

Have you found yourself struggling in your relationship and frequently thinking about the divorce? You both may or may not have attempted counseling to improve your marriage and yet not much has changed. Here are some of the red flags and the most frequent symptoms that my clients have experienced. Psychological Driven Red Flags: You, … Continue reading Divorce And Meditation – Relationships Red Flags

Thought About Relationships

It is easy to guess that many of my clients are divorcing, or are in a process of separation.  I often challenge my clients with several simple questions as to what does it mean to them, being in relationship. Why is that so many relationships fail? I won't bother with statistic here, not even with … Continue reading Thought About Relationships

Self – Litigants and Rules of Litigation

Some self – litigants are used to the court procedures and many are not. While several  of my clients are preparing to appear at the court for the first time, few  of them are quite experienced. Legal system is open to the public and there are times when the cost of hiring the attorney outweighs … Continue reading Self – Litigants and Rules of Litigation

How To Hire An Independent Paralegal

DID YOU KNOW? Statistics show in some states about 75% of divorces and 60% of bankruptcies are done without lawyers. Many law firms, in many states, now not only employ paralegals, BUT will bill you for their paralegal's time--anywhere from $75 to $150 an hour. HOW TO HIRE AN INDEPENDANT PARALEGAL OR FREELANCE ONE FOR … Continue reading How To Hire An Independent Paralegal

Collection Agency and Credit Card Debts

Some of my clients are facing challenging times. Often those challenges are accompanied with accumulating credit card debts. When unpaid credit card accounts end up in creditors hands, expect the following: constant calls, several calls possibly from different creditors for the same debt, creditors calling your employer to locate you, calls from the debt collection … Continue reading Collection Agency and Credit Card Debts