Christmas Tips to Self

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Not every Christmas was  the Christmas I designed and expected, however, each and every time I knew that the next one could be a little better.  This Christmas is my  first Christmas without my dad. A first Christmas without my kids. I could be little sad. Instead I am actually working. I decided to do something cool. Creativity helps me focus on the next chapter in life that starts with a New Year. Then I will be closer to my dreams and goals. I am irrecoverable optimist . Every day is a new chance. Today, for example, is a beautiful day. Christmas or not, I have some good tips to share. 

1.Don’t start a fight with family 

2.Don’t argue with friends 

3. Listen to Christmas Music

4. Wear comfortable clothes 

5. Take pictures 

6. Tell good stories and memories 

7. Don’t forget your gifts

8. Don’t eat too much 

9. Don’t talk about being a vegan 

10. Respect tradition. We don’t have to share the same believes.

I hope everyone is healthy, happy and successful! Connect with me for more blogging, touring and traveling in 2022. I will be around and about. Keep dreaming, my friends. 

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