Have you met somebody or had to live, work or cooperate with a person who is dealing with hidden anger? Not only that it affects you, but it also causes a major issues in angry person’s life. 

Anger problem makes person feel isolated, unaccomplished and dissatisfied with life, yet many times the person does not even recognize that they have anger problem. We all get angry from time to time. There is a huge difference between having an anger problem and having anger issues. Believe it or not, people with anger issues often appear king, giving and timid in public or in dealign with others. That is until the trigger happens! 

Here are some examples on how to spot a person with hidden anger issue:

  • They are easily irritated
  • They call others demeaning, rude, or profane names
  • They show no patience for others
  • They go rapidly from calm to furious
  • They blame others for all their life problem
  •  They isolating themselves when they feel angry
  • They are  sarcastic when it isn’t funny
  • They become enraged over insignificant thing
  • They criticizing others or trying to make them feel small
  • They steal or destroying your property or the property of others as a response to angerThey notice  that people seem afraid of them often

There are mental health issues that can impact and worsen anger, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, drug addiction and substance abuse, eating disorders and others. 

While in many cases only extensive professional mental counseling, medications and therapy can help with anger issues, for you is important to recognize them in others and yourself.  Denial is number one killer of any progress. 

Published by debmarinovic

I provide assistance in many areas of law with specialization in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. I am certified by the Supreme Court of Arizona. My experience includes corporate career with Fortune 500 Company, American Express and Best Western International. I am a writer, nature and animals’ lover and positive thinker. I write just about everything that touched my heart and mind! I enjoy traveling. I like to learn about the people and what makes us become who we are.

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