Day Zero Project

While was are leaving the chaos of 2020 behind,  as always there will be some unfinished business to take care of. Knowing that what we do and experience in our lives does not come with the hard stop, I’d like to call each day of the new year, a day zero. 

What am I looking forward to? 

To help more people with my business and to appreciate our business partnership and friendship. To be there for you!

What is my new year resolution? First and foremost, to  concentrate on myself and my own well being.  Why is that? Because I deeply believe that without the true self love, I cannot be productive neither I can be successful. Here is my list that start with the 7 challenges: 

  1. Learn a new skill set
  2. Stop any version of self sabotaging behavior
  3. Start each day with the healthy food and positive mind set
  4. Take a vacation to Hawaii. Take a vacation, period.
  5. Concentrate only on what is important and eliminate distractions
  6. Meditate every day and take time for yourself
  7. Become that person that I always wanted to be

Happy New Year!

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