Emotional And Legal Stages Of Divorce

My most recent clients were two divorce cases. While you can guess, this is not my favorite part of the business I manage, but it is rewarding itself understanding the process. Helping my clients through their challenging times in life is always rewarding.  If you find yourself in a situation of legal separation or divorce, I can help you with both emotional and legal stages of your divorce.

The 6 Emotional Stages of a Divorce

  1. Denial. This is not happening to me and we can still get back together
  2. Shock. You realize how much time you invested in your marriage and family and at times you act irrationally. Friends and coworkers have hard time understanding you.
  3. Contrasting Emotions. You struggle with hope replaced by despair and all you can think about is your failed marriage.
  4. Bargaining.  You are still hopeful that your marriage will work out. You are willing to do anything to change yourself and just make things work. Bargaining only delays the harsh reality of divorce
  5. Letting go. You stop blaming your spouse and you realize your own mistakes. You can finally let go and move on.
  6. Acceptance. The negative emotions finally stop. You feel that you are finally fit to lead a life that is filled with happiness and satisfaction. This stage will accompany a time period of growth.

The 4 Legal Stages Of Non-Contested Divorce

  1. Filing the Petition.One party files Petition and other court required paperwork.
  2. Service of the papers. Petition, Summons and other paperwork are served to another party. There are several ways to do this, depending on your situation.
  3. Other Party response time. Another party files Response or does not respond. There is a wait period that you have to adhere.
  4. Ending your marriage. Consent decree or Default completes the process, depending on your situation.


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