The Importance of Change

I won’t agree with that statement entirely. I find truth, love, friendship to be constant as well. Though people change, there are some constant in life that will remain. 

While change is inevitable and it will occur whether we want it or not, the importance of change is valuable in all ares of life, personal, professional, academic. Some of the changes are driven by circumstance that are out of our control. For example, if we are fallen ill, or we lost our jobs, our life is taking a sudden turn and change is immediate. This part wasn’t in our control, however we are in control of how we handle those circumstances. 

Change is scary. We often talk about taking the risk and chance, which risk to take and is it worth it. We can’t anticipate something called unforeseeable circumstances. Then why not just sit idle and let the universe take us where we need to go. True that, I often say myself that universe has it’s   own way of getting things as they need to be. That, of course, it’s a figurative speech. 

What is that we truly gain with change? We grow personally. We improve our life, we gain flexibility and we become stronger. Progress without change is impossible. The stronger is our resistance to change, he fewer are our opportunities. Every change brings new beginnings. We close one chapter and open another. We learn to live. We learn the value of life. 

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