The Mindset Of Not Giving-Up

It takes many years of careful planing to achieve our goals.

It also take a barely one single event to interrupt the cycle of careful planing and change everything that we worked for or hoped and dreamed about in all those years.

So how does that happen?

What just happened to me?

Say for example, you got sick, your close family member got sick, you suddenly lost your well paid job and all the security that it brought.

Why do I always insist on leaving the life to the fullest?

That is BECAUSE unexpected, negative events in life ALWAYS happen.

The mindset of not giving up is what eventually defines our path to success. Our path to a fulfillment in life.

What do I do?

I was lucky to always have the mental power to raise above any issues that would come my way. I had jobs that paid well, then I lost them. I was able to travel and visit my dream places. I met some great people in my life. I started a business and I put all my heart into it. It wasn’t about the money. I was about doing what I cared to do.  I did many other projects. I was versatile. I was able to transition well and I was lucky to find those people in my life who understood me well.

Why is solitude important?

I found a moments of solitude one of the most important things you can do for yourself. The moments when you are able to meditate without judgement and perhaps get a bit more loving and less critical of yourself first, and then of all the others. The power of re – defining of what really makes you happy and refueling the strength to do what it takes again, as many times as it takes. That is the mindset of not giving up.

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