Self-Awarness And Unconditional Love

It occurred to me that the best things in life, the most trying thing in life and the most inspiring things in life are not the events for which we planned to happen. Awakening moments happen on it’s own.

And what if we got burned in the process? What is we had to face the crisis that threatened our very core of who we are and who we wanted to become?

Our task should be continuing working on our spiritual strengths. We ought to find who we really are not by building our intellectual level, but feeding and connecting with our soul. That way we will continue to self improve, heal what needs and become our own path to happiness, fulfilled without having to settle. Life is not complicated, people are. Negative thoughts are a type of relief. When we see the others suffer, what do we say? We simply say – it could happen to me. And it is comforting to know that we are not the only one facing the crisis. We talk about unconditional love while we setting up conditions. We list our preferences and choices.

Spiritual awakening is rather different. It is a state in which we raise above and we celebrate others without any judgement, without comparing. When and only if we get to that point of spiritual awareness, we are ready to love again. The process of awakening is not an easy one. We are bonded with hurt and pain, just in the same way as we are bonded with a joyful moments in our lives. A deeper understanding of our own core, of those moments that formed our mind-set is what leads us to a path of self – awarness and unconditional love.

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