Trust And Relationships Mediation

“when you break trust, do not expect easy and fast recovery…”

Have you heard of the saying – to truly love somebody you have to be able to trust that him or her first?

Why Is Trust So Important In Any Relationship

First of all, I can say without a doubt that the relationship without a trust is not possible. In my mediation sessions I talk about various ways the issue to trusting others can affect our most important areas of life.

Certain types of trust are natural. For example, as a child its is natural for us to trust our parents or caregivers. If that very fundamental basis of natural trust gets violated, a variety of difficulties in personal growth can arise.

Trust in another person in our adult life comes from our decision to honor and stay loyal to another person who is part of our life. That can be our romantic partner, our friends, our business partners. It is manifested in many ways. For example, we can speak in a manner that the other person can see us as dependable and reliable partner. We can act in a way that the other person feels safe in our company. And finally, we can exhibit the type of behavior or actions that anther person feels confident enough to confide or ask us for help and advice.

This part is rewarding indeed. As a result, we built the true connection with our partner and we feel closeness and intimacy. Our level of tolerance is higher and our relationship can grow.

Why Can’t We Always Trust

For some people, the decision to trust anther person is very hard to make. They have been hurt in the past and suffer from unresolved issues, thus their relationship carries on those unresolved issues and grows into disfunction. For example, they can question everything that their partner does and will apply various techniques to control their partners behavior. Usually, those techniques involve spying on another, over messaging and calling, or blocking them and ignoring them. Caution here – there are, however, those individuals who broke their partners trust. This is not the same and those are the instances when action to repair is necessary.

What To Do When Trust Is Broken

Trust is like hope. We cannot live without hope, thus being in a relationship without trust never works.

This doesn’t mean that everything is doomed. It falls on us to recognize the need to repair the trust level and recognize the causes that led to dysfunction.

I have helped many clients coming to better terms with the issue of trusting their partners. My mediations sessions are designed to facilitate finding the answers and taking steps to regain the trust as well as their self-worth. There is a simple test, as a part of what I do every time when I meet with my clients. They share their most intimate stories and decisions with me. Though this is a business that I manage, there is nothing more personal than this very connection that I share with my clients – the moment of mutual trust. Begin entrepreneur has never been more rewarding.

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