A Thought Or Two As The Year Ends

Saluting to the year of challenges and blessings!

By the end of 2017,  I lost my corporate job. I was clearly that in a difficult situation. My two children were still very dependent on me and in their most serious transition from the hight school to a life. My savings were deflated from previous investments. Things happen unexpectedly and we should be prepared. I could only say that I wasn’t prepared nor I could find a fast replacement. My friends and colleagues couldn’t do much. They all had their battles to fight. My family was concerned, but as with any other immigrant, the distance did not do us a favor, especially on a deflated budget. Suddenly I found myself alone and I had nobody to turn on. I was stuck.

Why am I saying this? Here is why:

When you live at the certain standard, maintaining that standard requires a certain income. I figured, I would need at least three regular jobs to replace the income I had. However, and most urgently, I had to find the way to pay the utility bills, get the food on a table and try not to loose the house in which we lived. Sounds familiar? Many have been there before me…however, this was not my situation. To make the matter worse, my partner was going through the similar challenges and by the mid 2018 we bought found ourselves jobless.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I figured I could drop everything, sell to investors and move to Europe. Go back home, start all over, some place better, some place where they knew me, some place were I was loved.

And then, I realized then that it was not over. I had much to hold on to…two lovely children and home that we built, a home that many would wish to have and which I was taking for granted. I had my passion and the business that I started years ago sitting in escrow while I was pursuing my corporate career. And so, I rolled up my sleeves, got the job in two days, negotiated terms that would allow me to pursue my business, and once again walked into my American dream. This time on my own terms, knowing that it will take lots of sleepless nights and endless devotion to who I truly am and what I do best. I simply decided to believe in myself.

Dreams Are Not Easy To Do

Was this easy to do? Absolutely not. Yes, I had doubts. I had moments when I could’t see the vision of mine and I had setbacks. While I can’t say that I am out of woods, I can say that this was the most challenging and yet most rewarding year in my life. I learned what my heart truly desired. I dared to dive into what I did best and get out there in unknown. And I raised above the paycheck. Entrepreneurship is not easy, but it’s certainly irreplaceable.

I am thankful to all my wonderful clients, partners and friends. People are measure of my success. Happy 2019!

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