Finding My Inner Child

What really works when it comes to relationships, is to be with the person that continuously inspires you and sparks your soul. The rest of those things that you have on your list are called benefits. For those who are lucky, benefits come along with a soul connection. For those who settled for good benefits, they are usually unhappy and keep looking.

What do we want? A good question. Every time we try again, we come with a baggage. As we get older, the baggage is pretty massive. Have we learned how to unload? Do we have the life skills to help us unload and work on our self – improvement and happiness? Or do we fall under a spell of expectations from the others.

Think about it as a child. As you were in your young age, the way you loved life came with innocence. The way you were curios about the things came with innocence. The way you first fell in love came with innocence. Your soul was clean of derbies as it didn’t have much time to accumulate all the experience, bad and good.

Our tasks should be continuing working on our innocent souls. That way we will continue to self improve, heal what needs to heal and become our own path to happiness, fulfilled without having to settle. Love is not complicated, people are. If we can get to the point of self awareness, and self sufficiency, then we are readier to project on the others the same. We might have found that innocence we once used to have. We are readier to love again.

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