Establishing Parenting in Arizona

Some of my clients have recently approached me with questions regarding parenting, signing birth certificates and establishing parenting rights. The article here is informational and not a legal advice.

Father Establishing  Parenting Rights In Arizona: 

  • He and the child’s mother signed the child’s birth certificate.
  • He was married to the child’s mother at any time during the ten months before the child’s birth.
  • He was married to the child’s mother and the child was born within ten months of the marriage’s termination.

Arizona requires that you sign a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity before you can sign the birth certificate.

Important notice: For women: If you are dating and you and your boyfriend knows that he is not a biological father of your child, him signing a birth certificate is a legal action that may be considered fraudulent.

Removing somebody’s name of the birth certificate requires filing a petition and obtaining a court order. If you need more information regarding this process, please contact me directly.

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