Self – Litigants and Rules of Litigation

Some self – litigants are used to the court procedures and many are not. While several  of my clients are preparing to appear at the court for the first time, few  of them are quite experienced. Legal system is open to the public and there are times when the cost of hiring the attorney outweighs the actual monetary benefit of wining the case. This is a typical situation when it comes to the small claims that are limited in the amount that you can sue for. In another instances you may want to get involved in litigation because you are so passionate about the subject and you really want to handle your own case. Nevertheless, it is always important to follow several simple rules. Judges are mostly annoyed by not following the court procedures and every court, even every Judge might have their own. This is where you might need my help with your specific case. Here are some general bullet points to follow:

  • Wear a suit
  • Be courteous to everyone (I know you might be anxious)
  • Check in and wait until your case is called
  • Speak to the Judge respectfully (“Your Honor” will work)
  • Don’t speak directly to the opposing Counsel (that is why you have the Judge in the Courtroom)
  • Always have the opposing Counsel present when you are speaking to the Judge
  • Never speak to the Jurors
  • Ask for help if you are treated badly (ask to speak to the Judge privately or write a letter to the Judge)

That’s easy, you may think. And it really is. It only takes some practice. To ensure that you are confident, we can role play and master the skills of addressing the Court. However, the part that we need to work on is how to correctly write and submit your pleadings, so that you can prepare to win your case.

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