Pets Entering UK

Recently I had a client who came in to share her long, wrenching story that included self-litigation involving a veterinary clinic. Her ten years old cat was in quarantine for twenty – one day at the UK border. Cat has made it just fine, after all, but emotional and financial impact that my client suffered were noticeable. She was not suing the veterinary clinic for bad treatment of the cat or lack of professional experience, but she was suing for incorrect and insufficient information that were provided by the veterinary clinic for the cat to enter UK, therefore cat was denied the access. How may times were you in this situation? Legal documents can have a powerful impact on your life on your affairs.

You can enter or return to the UK with your pet cat, dog or ferret if it:

  • has been microchipped.

  • has a pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate.

  • has been vaccinated against rabies – it will also need a blood test if you’re traveling from an ‘unlisted country’

Your pet must have the record of her primary rabies shot and not only the most recent one.

Do not take your pets to any foreign country without making sure that you completely informed yourself of entrance requirements. Pets are our family. The outcome of such cases and staying in quarantine can be extremely stressful and some pets have hard time re-adjusting. Please keep them safe.

Picture credit: Pets4Home. uk

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