His Missed Appointment

Last week in my career was a very difficult one. Not only that I had several cancellations from my new clients, I have also lost one of my dearest from Black Canyon City. It was that time of the year that we needed to revisit his estate plans and carefully consider some of the options. There were problems with caregivers and several other things that were urgent to address. We talked for awhile and I scheduled the appointment. My calendar was full, but I squeezed him in for the next week. It was a hard weekend and weather in Arizona brings brutal summer days. Many of my clients are elderly and prefer not to leave their homes when the heat and monsoons hit the State of Arizona. That is one of the reasons why I started my mobile services offer.

He was not feeling well. He contacted me to reschedule the appointment. There are times when my appointments are reschedule and yet they never happened. Some of my clients are 85 + old. My heart feels heavy thinking of their lives and what they are going through. I too, have elderly parents. I remember my own life and my own fears of losing them. What is in this life for us, after all, if not trying to live to its fullest, as there is no end,  and be there for each other whenever we can? We hope for the best and take what we have. We make out of it the best thing for us. Something that is worth living for and something that others will remember us about. Long stories yet to be told, and some great story tellers yet to be met…


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