Change of Venue and Domestication in Arizona

What is domestication of your legal files? You may have had to got through this process already, if you moved from one state to another, or even from one country to another. Domestication in Arizona is  process that involves  multiple steps that I listed  below. For detailed information or to meet with me to help you prepare domestication documents, please contact me directly.

(1)  “Authenticated”  copies of the documents.  (Authentication requires a specific seal or a certain number of seals affixed to the copies by the clerk – it is dictated by statute).

(2) Pleading called “Notice and Affidavit of Filing Foreign Decree”. You will need to sign the “Notice and Affidavit” before a notary public.

(3) Cover Sheet and filing copies for the Court

(4) “Proof of Mailing” filed with the court.

There is a waiting period involved before you can take any action to modify the judgement or any other applicable request for the documents that you are domesticating.


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