Pulling Your Life Together

Recently I met with a lovely couple to help them with their estate planning. As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to provide a personalized attention to all my clients and help them make good decision, by developing their self assurance and confidence level. I hear their stories and like to learn about their lives. For many of my clients, the decision to organize their the important matters of their lives starts after much soul searching and at the end of the healing process that they have endured.

It strikes me really hard that many people struggle trusting one another. Many have lost faith even in their closest family members. Why is this happening is such alarming pace and why are we starting to depend less and less on those who supposed to be our closest confidants in life? Perhaps we lost our faith in life ….

Here are some of the most impact reasons that can affect how we see life and our trust levels:

  • Loss of loved ones (though death, break-up or forcible separation)
  • Loss of friendship (being cut off by the close friend or lover)
  • Loss of our health
  • Failing in our desired goals
  • Loss of direction and purpose

I cannot stress more how important it is for us to continue to work on bettering ourselves every singe day. Many of the life circumstances that we face are not avoidable. While we cannot avoid the impact that those circumstances caused, we can chose how to deal with them.  Once the normal grieving stage is completed, we need to start loving life again and allow ourselves to rebuild trust in people. We start believing and living heart – fully because it’s worth the pursuit. We expand our vision, attitude and beliefs. We experience ourselves as peacemakers and become more curious wondering what we learned from our bad experiences and what does it tell us about a life. Developing trust in people and faith in life, after the traumatic experience is a process, however it is not necessary to get trapped in a loss of faith and depression. By regaining the faith in life and relationships, we are ready to open the door to love and pursuit of happiness.

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