Why Do I Brag About Self – Love

The essence of being happy and having a fulfilled life is loving your own self. Trust yourself that you can do it and you will do it. Feeling the anxiety up to some level when we are about to embrace a change, take a new job, start a new relationship or move some place else are normal reactions caused by the degree of uncertainty when stepping outside the comfort zone.

However, lack of self confidence and low self esteem will prevent us from taking any action in general. And so we wait. Because we think we will fail, we don’t even start!

I had a number of clients who met with me, asking me to prepare their divorce  papers.  With time, I learned how to recognize various stages in human relationships and I could recognized those. They weren’t ready! They needed a counseling to help them deal with their emotions or perhaps a best friend to listen. For those who went through it, they would agree that one of the most traumatic events  in personal life is  divorce.

We often think “if this” and “if that”…we would be happy. That is unlikely to be true. Declaring Happiness is decision and not a condition. The decision of happiness drives desired actions that consequently end with desired results. “What if” replaces “I will”. Happiness and fulfillment, above all, is based on actions. The ultimate responsibility is ours, thus limiting the power of thoughts, people and events that are causing us to self doubt our own abilities in achieving happiness is detrimental to a successful live and personal well being, including our romantic relationships. Being in love with your life is the ultimate factor that determines your happiness and how you resonate to the others, as well as how successful you will feel. Success is relative and means a different  things to different people. Love, on the other hand, is the constant and the ultimate power that starts with Self. Healing is a process that leads to loving yourself again…

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