My Role In Your Legal Proceedings

I enjoy working with all my clients and don’t mind making myself available during the weekends, holidays or whenever I am needed. My business is what I love to do. my schedule is flexible, mobile and not limited to office hours. in other words, I am there for you when you need me.

Legal proceedings are challenging and many of us who went down that road before know about fears and anxieties that they can bring upon us, even when we are strong. I understand and love to hear your stories. With that in mind, you still may need a good therapist to recollect your thoughts and rebuild your life to your best potential. We can talk about many things. We can go over the material multiple times. My role is to listen and to understand your situation and provided options to you based on my legal knowledge.

Having said that, I am not the one to tell you what to do. This is about your life, your story, your legal case. I provide the options that are available to you.  If your divorce is not consented and both parties are disagreeing rather heavily, if you expect to be told what to do, you have an option to hire an attorney to handle the case for you. My role is giving you the confidence to self litigate. Let’s keep in mind that option to self litigate is not good for everyone and it is strongly connected to your own readiness and complexity of your case.


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