Alone For Holidays

I feel slightly guilty to say that I am relieved for not having plans for Christmas break. Most people will spend this time with their families, others  will be with their friends.

Having a family that lives so far away makes it hard to travel every year. I have spent some  holidays with friends who would kindly invite me to their homes, knowing that my family lived in Europe. I appreciated the kindness, but couldn’t help the feeling that I was asked out of obligation. No one should be alone for holidays is what many people think.

This year was particularly busy and overwhelming. Financially I wasn’t doing great and my children needed more of my time and support then ever before. I let go on a stressful career and I struggled with jobs in transition from one company to another. I never regretted my decision to start all over with my career, but had to acknowledge the toll that it took. The risk was high, however unavoidable. At least I had a solid plan.  I was also developing my business at the same time. In last months of the year I slept very little and spent countless hours working, presenting and developing my business via various channels. Referrals are what keeps me going.  I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and new path that I was building.

Though I planned to travel in December, when my daughter landed the theatre role that she worked hard for, I decided to cancel my plans. Instead we will be all working, including my kids. I haven’t worked for Christmas in over a decade. It will be a slow pace and relaxing at the call center, which will give me plenty of time to read a book or two. I don’t have to prepare for big meals and to host parties. I can enjoy my solitude and recharge for the busy 2018. I decorated my home with minimal decoration. Given that I have a puppy, this was a great decision. Spending time alone after a busy year sounds appealing. It feels like a mental break. Although I miss my family,  I find myself perfectly content as it goes, while looking forward to my dreams come true, one by one, as I designed them.

Dream often and dream a lot, but don’t forget to convert those dreams into your goals…and have a plan. Happy Holidays!

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