Do You Need A Counselling?

Most of divorcing couples are pondering whether a couple counselling can help them.

I am a firm believer that it is never too late to attempt to reconcile the differences. I even advocate joining  the support groups individually or as a family. Even if the couple does not get back together, it is always better to have tried and worked on developing communications skills between one another and learning how to let go. The healing process is difficult for both parties, as divorce often seems like a failure in a major area of our personal life. We often realize that the consequences extend outside of personal life and almost always negatively impact finances and professional career.

The damage to our self-being, self esteem and overall content with life are other typical aspects of a failing marriage. Feeling of detachment and anxieties are not unusual, given that the comfort zone if gone, even in relationships that were abusive.

Divorce can have a devastating effect on children if they end up being the observers with no guidance provided on how to cope with the instability caused by their parents separation. That is the area when professional guidance can play a big role. If you are unable to arrange for counseling, you may reach out to the self-help books that are available at every library. Spending a quality time with children is even more important now. Reassurance that they are not the reason why their parents are divorcing should be provided as often as needed.

Note: Image by (5 Reasons You Should Date A Single Mom)

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