Not Just a Document

My business is competitive and my clients have a choice. Often times, they want a friend rather than a person who tells them legal rules and procedures. I rarely work with those clients who made at least ten calls to shop for the cheapest deal. I don’t mind matching any cheap deal any of you found. For me, this is not about the money. It is about helping you become confident in working your own legal affairs and addressing, often times, underlying psychological triggers or issues that were cause by your individual situation. I worked with licensed psychologists to understand human nature and help my clients overcome their personal dilemmas.

Recently I met with a young woman who desperately needed help, recovering from the drug addiction. This wasn’t a situation in which money came to my mind. Needless to say, she reached out after she was rejected by many other providers. I knew she was sincere and I wanted to help. She has been working hard to rebuild her life and I have become a part of her recovery and her future success. Being let down by the very people who supposed to care for her and support her in times of need, she had no other choice but to seek a  remedy via legal system. Part of my work was helping her overcome the obstacles and mental blocks  that were preventing her to take an action even sooner. Now it was the time!

For me, it is always about going an extra mile. Most of us can go to school and learn and all of us are entitled to a fair compensation. When it comes to money, my prices are aligned with the industry standards, however my main goal is to meet my clients’ needs and to empower them by providing the resources they needed to feel confident and in control. In 2008, I initially started my business asking for donations only. Most of my customers, if not all, donated the amount they felt comfortable to donate. That business model worked well for the time being and for the most part I was getting paid just as much as I am now. I am flexible to change my work arrangements based on the market needs. In essence, this business will always be about my clients and a positive impact that it has on their lives, because that is what I love to do.

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