What Did They Say…

Divorce with Children Client:

This meeting was so helpful! I knew how to prepare the forms, but I felt overwhelmed. Now I know exactly what to do and feel ready to start the process.

~ Lauren (October 2018)

Estate Planning Client:

Thanks for the clear explanation of the need for a will. You made the whole process so easy.

~ Jim S.  (August 2018)

Divorce Client – Respondent:

Debbie, thanks so much for the fast service. You are the best. You made a hard problem seem very easy. Thanks again. (June 2018)

~ Chris

Adult Guardianship Client:

“Thank you for all that you are doing. We were able to get appointed a free attorney and we are meeting with her this week. All of that was possible with your help. I will make sure to keep you posted on the progress. I really appreciated everything you did for us”. (May  2018)

~ Deborah

Divorce Client Petitioner:

“Thank you for putting up with me. This has been a challenging time in my life, for sure. I just now red and checked on the paperwork that you prepared. Everything looks great, thank you!

I appreciate you being flexible and adjusting the price point when my plans change. We are attending a couple – counseling and hoping to work things out. You have been wonderful! I feel that I would have been lost without your help”. (March 2018)

~ Joanna

Estate Planning Client:

“This revocation of the Will has not come easy to us. We have learned that one of our children has not been in our lives for years and is not planning to connect with the family. Since this child has estranged himself by his own will, we would like to adjust all our documents. Thank you providing the options that we have, so that we can make the best decision for  us and we decided to move forward with the complete revocation. You made the process simple for us and put our new plan in place. We are happy with simplicity and plain English as now we can actually understand our documents without having to ask the attorney who originally wrote our initial estate planning”. (June 2018)

~ Bill & Barbara

Litigation Client:

“I didn’t have money to hire the attorney. My spouse and I were both working a full-time and barely making ends with two small children. We had a court date set and needed to respond, but did not have our legal options and court procedures ready. We tried looking at the self-service center forms and could not find the one we needed. The clerk told us that this form did not exist. Debbie was able to prepare our custom documents and we were ready for the court hearing. The case never went to trial. We believe that Debbie’s way of preparing our documents helped us clear the situation and settle with another party”. (June 2018)

~ David

Probate Client: 

“I have hired Debbie several times for various matters, starting from back owned child support. Each time Debbie was professional, at very reasonable cost. When my mother passed away, I was not aware that I needed to go through the Probate. Debbie explained the process. My mother did not have a Will, so the process was longer that I anticipated. There was a complex situation with the land with mineral rights. Debbie was very patient and helped with all the documents, long after she completed that part that was included in her price list. I was very pleased that she did not turn me down, giving that I had to come back several times for the documents that were not included in the original package. Debbie did not charge me any additional amount because I was her long term customer. I am moving to another state and I will miss Debbie’s assistance”.  (March  2017)

~ Harold

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