A Hand Written Note

When she sent me her hand written note, my eyes filled up with tears. She was an older lady, barely able to walk without assistance, who diligently kept working on her files with me until we got everything the way she wanted it and we were able to sit down with witnesses for signatures. Since she was on a payment plan, she would religiously show up at my office every 2nd of the month with her check. We bonded through a process and I was happy that I made her feel safer and relaxed with her family affairs. I knew she didn’t have a long tome ahead. I saved her note and kept it at my desk long after she was gone.

My clients’  recommendations are why I started this business in the first place and the motivations that keeps me going. Helping my clients shed lights in a confusing legal world when one document may be a make if or break it deal, is my specialty.  Listening to their stories is what I like the most, because they all matter, their business is personal to them, thus important to me.




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