Divorce is one of the most stressful, major events in life. It took a long time to make a decision to get divorced. Now you made a decision to divorce. You decided to start a new life and your marriage is over. This is one of the hardest decision you had to make, but you knew in your heart that it was the right decision. My role is to make this for you and your partner the most amicable divorce that it can be. In over hundred divorce cases that I handled for my clients, none of them ended up in the court battle.

In addition to the court procedures that you need to follow and precise court forms and documents, there are many fees involved. Partner with me and let me get all of the work done, so that you can actually concentrate on living your life and healing emotionally while this process is ongoing. I charge a single fee of $1,000 that includes all court fees, process server fees and notary. Most of attorney charge for uncontested divorce $4,000 – $5,000. I operate with low overhead and that puts me in a position to pass my savings onto you. My work arrangement is flexible and my services concentrate on you – my client. You get my undivided time and you speak to me directly, not to an assistant.

Published by debmarinovic

I provide assistance in many areas of law with specialization in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. I am certified by the Supreme Court of Arizona. My experience includes corporate career with Fortune 500 Company, American Express and Best Western International. I am a writer, nature and animals’ lover and positive thinker. I write just about everything that touched my heart and mind! I enjoy traveling. I like to learn about the people and what makes us become who we are.

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