Saturday in Wickenburg, Arizona


Wickenburg is a small town west of Phoenix, AZ, on a main freeways that leads to Las Vegas, NV. Like the most of Arizona, Wickenburg suffers from from the excessive heat in the summer. This town is a true cowboy town, one of the best preserved Wild West heritage and life style that can be found in Western States. Because of its location, Wickenburg comes to life from Oct – May and stays still during the summer moths. Wickenburg is well knows stop for bikers heading to Las Vegas an, wild west adventure seekers. It offers numerous bars and restaurants along the main streets and historic district and some of the best western clothes, shoes and saddle stores. Whenever I visit a new place. I like talking to locals. Their stories are my inspiration.

In my short visit, I talked to old military guys who immediately assumed that I must be of their political opinions, why else would I come to Wickenburg? It brought a smile on my face when the poor their heart to me, a hidden open minded, non- pretentious, whole hearted liberal, remembering the good old times, stuck in simple conservative routines in old America, the long gone patriotism and pure hearts of the past. Time has changed for most. I learned about President Nixon and his secret meeting with Elvis Presley. Those people weren’t malicious or harmful in their believes. While most of us accepts the change and most of us change in a course of life, for some people time stays still.

I stopped by and visited the closed restaurant whose owner turned it into the antiques store until she finds a buyer and a new owner. She has been waiting on an offer for sixteen months. I learned from the other people that her husband fell ill last summer and she wants to take him for a last cruise some place far away for their last memories together. Wickenburg is a small town.

I had a beer at the local bar and talked to the biker with many medical issues who almost died from a bad liver. Now he knee needed a surgery. He almost died but luckily, he found out about the natural treatment that helped his liver heal and now he can have the beer or two. He stays away from the doctors.

Wickenburg is a small town of 6000 people, away in Sonoran desert, Did you know that 8% of populations in Wickenburg are actually millionaires? They live a humble life style away from media, but preserved a great deal of old wealth within their modest life style and southwestern homes. I remembered one of my first clients, a couple that drive down to Anthem for their estate planning package preparation. Wickenburg did not have any attorneys and I was their closest option at the time. That memory brought smile to my face once again.

As I was leaving my table to head to Lake Pleasant, my biker had thanked me for the chat and asked if I were coming the next weekend. The time moves slow in Wickenburg.

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