One of the Main Reasons for Divorce

One of the main reasons that lead to divorce is not sharing the same vision of success and not having a shared vision of success.

There is no doubt that we are in love with each other, in fact, we still have the sweet butterflies to remind us of that each day and every moment we are together. He or She is the one! It’s not that easy. Before we marry, we should have asked ourselves whether we are compatible with our future spouse. Do we want the same things in life? For example, if I rather spend the weekend in the cozy cottage and he wants fancy city life, will we both be happy. What if my energy level is high and he likes to quiet, laid back evenings by the computer. The main reason for divorce is not being compatible as a couple. Simply speaking, our personalities do not match.

“Everything changed when we got married!” We drive each other crazy. How many times have we heard that? How could we not know? Well, we didn’t ask. We didn’t have the same expectations. The expectations changed. Now, with major differences in philosophy, can our marriage work? Many don’t.

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